Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Women Secrets Men Must Know PART 2

1. But if in the same time he is in touch or waiting for a call from you, continue your efforts to lure.
2. Never once in a while to guess what he dirasakannya.Tanya own!
3. After the girl alone fall in love, she would often wonder why I never met this guy earlier.
4. If you are still looking for the most romantic way to seduce the girl alone, read the books of love.
5. If every time you see a picture together, which was first sought by the woman who was standing next to her baby, and then himself.
6. Former girlfriend will always be in his mind but the man she loved now will be in place particularly in his heart!
7. The greeting 'Hi' alone is enough cheer day.
8. good friend who knew what he was feeling and going through.
9. Women's most hated man-kind-either by them solely to rake in their most beautiful friend.
10. Love means loyalty, honesty and happiness unconditionally.
11. All women want a man who loved with all my heart ..
12. Weapons are the tears of a woman!
13. Women like if the occasional person who loved to give her surprise (gifts, flowers or just a romantic word). They will be overwhelmed and feel that he sincerely loved this hati.Dengan he will not hesitate to you.
14. Women easily fall in love with men who pay attention to it and both terhadapnya.So, if you want to attract women-pandailah clever ..
15. Actually easy to take a woman's heart because of what he wants just a feeling loved and cherished soul. Women: A Novel

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